Artifact is a trans built, owned, and operated Recording/Mixing/Mastering studio that exists at the intersection of professional audio and DIY Punk

Located in Maspeth, Queens and ran solely by Audio Engineer and Musician Nate Patsfall, Artifact features a large+well lit live room, two spacious ISO's, and a myriad of fantastic recording+musical equipment. The studio was founded on the principle that the record-making process should be empowering, affordable, and accessible to anyone committed to making great art. Whether it's your band's first demo or third LP, Artifact serves to help make your record sound its best.

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Hairball Audio Lola x2
CAPI VP26 x2
A-Designs EM-Red
API 3124+
Tascam 644 Tape Recorder
Focusrite Octopre MkII Dynamic
Mytek ST192-DSD DAC
Mytek Studio Clock 192CX
Mytek ST192 ADC
Art Pro MPA II (M)
Cloudlifter CL-1

Aston Spirit
Audio Technica AT4050
Beyerdynamic M 201
Cascade Fat Head (M) x2
Oktava MK-012 x4 (M)
Oktava MK-319 (M)
Mesanovic Model 2
Shure SM7b
Shure SM57 x2
SM57 (M) x1
Audix d6
AKG D112
CAD M179 x2
Audix i5
Artifact Subkick

Radial EXTC
Radial ProDI
Radial ReAmp
Little Labs STD

Marshall JCM800
Fender Bassman
Fender Dual Showman 1968
Peavy 5150 2x12 Combo
Acoustic 470
Silvertone 1483
Carvin XV-112E
SWR Goliath 4x10
Peavy Centurion Mark III
Marshall JCM900 4x12
Fender Bassman 2x15
Kustom 2x12
Peavy 1x15
Peavy 200w PA
Artifact 1x12 (Jensen Falcon 50w)
BYOC 855 Drive
BYOC Green Pony
BYOC Analog Chorus
Boss HM-2
Boss TU-2 x3
GCI Brutalist Jr.
Akai Headrush
Silvertone Tube Powered Organ (1960's)
DW Performance Series Maple Kit (13"/14" Toms, 22" Kick)
DW Performance Maple Snare 14"
Pork Pie Black Bob Snare 14"

Skychord Sleepdrone 3
Korg Monologue
Korg Monotron Delay
Casiotone VL-1
Launchpad Mini
Akai MPD32
Keith McMillen K-Board

(M): Modified


Artifact's day rate is $250 for ~10 hours of recording time, and includes me (Nate) engineering! Smaller subdivisions are possible depending on your needs.

Mixing and Mastering rates are specific to the length, genre, and format of your material, so please include those details in your message!

If you’re in a band that’s touring through NYC, I also offer one day live sessions at the studio the day before/after your gig, and the entire project is discounted!